Dutch Drinks – New addition to Pim Company


Pim Company BV has decide together with ILD BV to start a new cooperation in the market of alcoholic beverages.

ILD BV has many experience in the market of alcoholic beverages, trading beverages for over 20 years exporting there beverages all over the world.

Pim Company BV has now more then 7 years experience in the online- trading/retail market and importing/exporting products from Asia for more then 5 years.

Dutch industries in general produce after high standards which results in high quality and safe products, with a lot of food crises in Asia the demand for Dutch food products has been increased over the years.

This had made the decision for both companies to combine there strengths and experience in a new international business carrying the name Dutch Drinks.

The main focus will be on exporting genuine Dutch beverages through the online channel.

To complete our product portfolio we selected beverages to Dutch standards from abroad such as whiskey, gin, rum, wines etc guaranteeing the highest quality available.

Combining this with competitive prices and a high level of service given us the foundation of Dutch Drinks.


More info of our new company on: www.dutchdrinks.eu


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